JVC Projector Has 30,000:1 Contrast Ratio


JVC claims that the DLA-HD100’s 30,000:1 contrast ratio is an industry first.

The 3-chip, 1080p DLA-HD100 isn't messing around, delivering industry-busting specs for under $8K.

Sep. 06, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

JVC‘s new projector is a big boy inside and out. Let’s cut to the chase: the company is boasting the DLA-HD100’s 30,000:1 ratio. That’s not a typo. Wow wee.

This model uses D-ILA, JVC’s own version of LCoS technology. Three D-ILA devices are used: one each for red, green and blue. The DLA-HD100 also has HDMI 1.3, a motorized Fujinon 2x zoom lens, and a V-Stretch function for “for the most efficient projection of extra wide screen anamorphic movies” (a third-party lens is needed though).

The company also says that an enhanced optical engine improves the precision of light polarization, helping to prevent light leakage into the projection lens and allowing for true black level reproduction. Expect plenty of other pretty colors as well.

The DLA-HD100 will be out in November. Expect the price to be under $8,000.





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