Jimi Hendrix to Headline “Guitar Hero”

Jimi Hendrix

Experience Hendrix, which controls the late Jimi Hendrix’s estate, has licensed his likeness and music to Activision.

The late, great guitar god will be featured in the fourth installment of the game.

Jul. 21, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Many young guitar players have dreamed of becoming a rock god like Jimi Hendrix. Now gamers can get experienced, with the latest incarnation of the “Guitar Hero” franchise.

When “Guitar Hero World Tour” comes to your town this fall, it will include a Hendrix avatar and music from the late, great rock guitarist. Expect to also choose songs such as “The Wind Cries Mary” and a live version of “Purple Haze.” Other Hendrix music will be available for download at some point. However, there was no word on when or what tunes to expect.

According to USA Today, this will be the first time that Hendrix’s likeness will be featured in the video game. Another first: It will feature drums and a microphone, a la “Rock Band.”

“Guitar Hero World Tour” is the fourth version of the “Guitar Hero” game. Be ready to rock on October 27.

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