JetStreamHD Streams Any Digital Media to the iPad


The new product puts all of your digital media onto an iPad, almost anywhere in and around the house.

Mar. 10, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Apparently, no one watches digital media on the computer anymore. For that reason, you might need the JetStreamHD. This streaming device takes the media that you’ve been amassing on your computer, and puts it onto the iPad.

Of course, the hook here is that you don’t have to be within the walls of your house to actually access the content. Using a hardware and software combo, JetStreamHD promises stutter-free streaming over both Wi-Fi or 3G connections. Just connect the JetStreamHD box to your home router, download the free iPad app, and within minutes, it can find all of your media. The company says that it can do any type of file from any computer, media server or NAS—even 1080p HD.

That means whether you are away on business, at a friend’s house, or simply just in the bedroom, bathroom, or out on the back deck, you can still access all of your audio, video or other digital content. The app features search, sort and filter controls, making it easy to weed through your digital collection.

Other mobile formats should get support sometime this year. However, the JetStreamHD does currently work with the Apple TV, meaning you can enjoy that same mobile media on any big screen. It’s also a nice option for streaming to other TVs in the house.

The JetStreamHD is currently available for pre-order. The MSRP is $199, but the company says that early adopters can score one for $119. Still not sold? Check out the video walkthrough below.

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