Japanese Introduce “Robot Girlfriend”

Sega E.M.A.

The Sega E.M.A. can shake her robotic booty and give out kisses on command.

Dude looks like a lady, but it's really just Sega's E.M.A.

Jun. 17, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

She’s cute, she’s complimentary, and she’s made entirely of metal—well, somewhat. She’s the Sega E.M.A.—also known as the “robotic girlfriend”—and she will soon be available for a mere $175.

Of course, for that price, the unit is just 15 inches tall, but her body parts (at least the top part) are proportionate to her size. Reuters also says that the Sega E.M.A can kiss on command and runs on batteries.

“She’s very lovable and though she’s not a human, she can act like a real girlfriend,” said Minako Sakanoue, a spokeswoman Sega Toys. Mysteriously absent from this quote was the word “creepy.”

The E.M.A., which stands for Eternal Maiden Actualization, can also hand out business cards, sing and dance. Add a toaster in there and I sense many marriage licenses forthcoming.

Sorry singletons, this robotic babe is for Japanese lovers only. The E.M.A. will hit that area this September.

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