Janzer Keeps Your Special Deliveries Safe and Sound

janzer mailbox

Janzer’s Secure Mail Box and Package Drop

You can ensure your holiday packages will be safeguarded with Janzer Corp.'s Secure Mail Box and Package Drop.

Nov. 19, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Here’s a low-tech solution for your high-tech products: a mailbox.

Don’t worry about someone stealing those discounted Blu-ray discs you bought online or the new A/V receiver you had shipped because they’re sitting by the front doorstep while you’re at work. Janzer Corp.’s Secure Mail Box and Package Drop may look like just a fancier version of your everyday mailbox, but it can hold a whole bunch more.

It was designed for storing several large FedEx or UPS packages or stacks of smaller ones, so all of your packages will be safe and sound this holiday season even if there’s a surprise blizzard.

You can install it yourself or have it done professionally; the Mail Box and Package Drop is freestanding, so there’s no construction required. Aside from keeping your packages safe from inclement weather, the unit also reduces the risk of mail and identity theft, thanks to a three-point locking system.

Your back might thank you, too, when you don’t have to bend to retrieve packages. Rather than separating mail and packages, as some combo units do—with packages relegated to the bottom area—this unit just has one rear door for retrieval, and it’s at waist height.

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