JAKKS Pacific Dupes Wii for Under $100

JAKKS UltiMotion Swing Zone

JAKKS UltiMotion Swing Zone has one wireless controller, which allows players to swing, roll and throw their way through five sports games.

The UltiMotion Swing Zone delivers motion gaming magic without the console.

Jul. 21, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Tired of searching for a Wii? Desperate times call for a cheap knockoff—and JAKKS Pacific wants to be that knockoff.

The company recently announced the UltiMotion Swing Zone, a stand-alone gaming system that delivers all of the motion that you’d find while playing a Wii—for about one-third of the price.

There’s no standard console needed; just plug a little receiver into your TV’s A/V jacks, sort of like those handheld 10-in-1 Atari games that came out a while back. The unit also includes themed snap-on toys for each game. Snap the wireless controller into each piece, and you’ll feel like you are bowling, hitting a home run, playing tennis, throwing the football or swinging a golf club.

Of course, it doesn’t provide the endless entertainment of the Wii, but it doesn’t provide the endless spending either. The self-contained game uses a wireless accelerometer to recreate five sports games, which is probably all your kids really need anyway.

JAKKS UltiMotion Swing Zone is available now for $80. Expect Disney-themed games to come to the UltiMotion this fall.

JAKKS UltiMotion Swing Zone

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