IWOOT Puts Piano Power into Your Hands

IWOOT Piano Hands

IWOOT’s Piano Hands allow users to make music on the fly—and without actual instruments.

This set of gloves provides an orchestra for your favorite traveling guitar hero.

Sep. 25, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We’ve heard of jazz hands, but how about Piano Hands? Now you can turn your endless finger tapping into music, thanks to this new, slightly bizarre innovation.

For those of you that want to branch out that “Guitar Hero” status, these gloves can create music just about anywhere. GizmoWatch says that the set has a bunch of sensors in the fingertips to create up to eight musical instruments. All you need to supply is the flat surface and your magical mitts. How annoying you can be to others is anyone’s guess; there’s no word on whether these gloves go to “11.”

Frankly, they look like someone stole Michael Jackson’s gloves and sewed the fingers back on. Hey—we’ve all wanted to do it.

Piano Hands should be available from I Want One Of Those very soon. Expect to pay about $92.

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