iVideosongs Gives Music Lessons Right from the Artists

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iVideosongs Beta offers music lessons from award-winning artists

Learn 'Tom Sawyer' from Rush's Alex Lifeson, plus a whole bunch more in these downloadable instructional videos.

Feb. 08, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you’re an aspiring musician, or just like to mess around with a guitar or bang on some drums in your spare time, check out iVideosongs Beta.

This new website is a pretty cool way to add some video lessons to your collection of tab booklets. The premise is that the actual musicians who created songs talk about individual selections and strum their guitars or hit the piano keys as they go.

It was brought to my attention by a coworker who shares a passion for Rush—there’s some Alex Lifeson videos among the iVideosongs nascent catalog, including “Tom Sawyer,” “Limelight” and “Spirit of Radio,” whose instructional video clocks in at a robust 43 minutes. Thanks, Alex!

The website—in Beta to continue to evolve through user feedback—was started by some music junkies and artists themselves, Tim Huffman and Andy Morton. From first glance, I think their passion has shone through in the company’s offerings, which were previewed last month at DEMO 2008.

Prices appear to range—“Spirit of Radio” costs $9.99 to download, while current top seller “Change the World” by guitar god Eric Clapton is $4.99, so you’ll have to peruse for yourself.

With more of just about everything going online these days, you’ve got music lessons there for you to store on your PC now too.

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