Is the Mac Mini a Legitimate HTPC Option?


Despite upgrade, Mini still missing tuner, built-in DVR software and more.

Mar. 04, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Apple’s Mac Mini has always had the form factor home theater PC users love—a small footprint, a clean design, and easy storage.

On Tuesday, the Mini got a refresh, adding in new memory, storage and faster graphics performance. It doesn’t, however, have typical HTPC options like built-in DVR (you’ll need third-party software), a tuner, a Blu-ray drive or even HDMI.

So is the Mac Mini a legitimate HTPC option?

Brent Evans at GeekTonic says it would definitely work.

I think the Mac Mini would definitely work as an HTPC - well at least an HTPC extender. It wouldn’t be the cheapest HTPC box you could get, but it looks powerful enough to handle HD HTPC chores and definitely small enough to blend with the livingroom environment.

The company is rumored to be developing networked HDTVs, even though Steve Jobs has called the digital living room “a hobby.”

We know that Apple has been asking users about future enhancements to Apple TV, but I’m a bit surprised that the Mac Mini didn’t receive any HTPC upgrades.

So, we want to know what you think: is the Mac Mini a legitimate HTPC option?

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