Is Blu-ray Finally Coming to Macs?


Blu-ray Disc support from Gracenote appears in latest version of iTunes.

Apr. 29, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Despite CEO Steve Jobs’s declaration that it’s a “bag of hurt,” it looks like Blu-ray may be coming to Apple computers.

9to5Mac has a screengrab of the latest version of iTunes (8.2), which shows Gracenote support for Blu-ray Disc—a change from the current version.

Many Apple fanboys have been wondering if and when Blu-ray would be incorporated, with little to no official news from the company. The argument has generally been that, with Apple’s dominance in digital downloads via iTunes, it didn’t make any sense to add Blu-ray support.

But for Mac Mini owners—especially those using it as a home theater PC—adding a Blu-ray drive would make the system especially appealing.

With new product introductions expected at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (June 8-12 in San Francisco), we’ll see if Blu-ray makes the cut in less than 6 weeks.

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