iPowerPro Protects Circuits, Isolates A/V

leveler ipowerpro

Leveler Protective Technology’s iPowerPro

Leveler Protective Technology's iPowerPro provides surge protection for the whole house, and isolates the circuits for your home theater gear.

Nov. 06, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Protecting your entire home’s circuitry is a pretty good idea. Being able to filter and protect circuits solely isolated for your precious home theater and A/V gear, now that’s an even better idea.

That’s what Leveler Protective Technology is doing by pulling double duty with its new iPowerPro whole-house surge protection. The iPP was designed with your electronics in mind, since they love that clean power and isolation from noise reference.

iPowerPro employs Leveler’s patented power purification technology that protects two 15-amp dedicated circuits and makes sure that all of the high-frequency noise is gone—no popping, buzzing, cracking or ground loop problems, the company says.

What does that mean for your theater system? Improved video imagery and cleaner sound quality.

The iPowerPro is UL tested and comes with a $100,000 Protected Equipment Warranty and a Lifetime Warranty for the original buyer when installed by a Leveler-authorized technician, so you know they’re pretty confident about protecting your gear. MSRP is $5,000.

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