iPod Gaming Chair is One Sweet Seat

iRocker video game chair

The Adonis iRocker video game chair rocks out while you relax.

Oct. 04, 2006 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If this seat is a-rockin’—well, it’s because your iPod is plugged into it. Adonis Furniture is hoping that you will take that Christmas Club money and blow it on their iRocker video game chair. Why not? You’ve been extra good this year!

The chair has a docking station and audio inputs, which allow you to hook up your portable player of choice and rock out while rocking back and forth. It boasts a multi-position reclining back, anywhere from two to five top-quality speakers (depending on the model), Base Tube (on many models), audio inputs, and a remote control.

It also comes in many colors—with schemes targeting teens as well as adults. That way ~maybe~ you can still prove that you’re a grown up.

Digital Trends says that the iRocker is available at major retailers such as Costco, Target, Amazon.com, and more.

  • Starts at $99
  • Speakers made by Alltek Vision
  • Anywhere from 2 to 5 speakers, depending on model
  • Bass Tube on many models
  • Includes audio inputs

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