Inteset Unleashes 15TB of A/V Storage

Inteset TeraRAID XV-NAS

At 18 inches deep, the TeraRAID XV-NAS fits nicely into most A/V cabinets.

The new NAS allows you to share movies, music, photos and more -- a lot of it -- all over the house.

Jul. 10, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you’re looking to rock and roll all night and party every day—or week, for that matter—Inteset has the ultimate party machine in its TeraRAID XV-NAS.

This is a monster of rock, jazz, new age, hip-hop, and whatever else you’re in the mood to listen to. It can pack 15 terabytes (TB) of storage to tackle every musical taste, as well as plenty of video selections.

Inteset swears that the 15-bay, hot-swappable, RAID 6 NAS is near-silent, meaning you won’t be interrupted by anything except the sound of your own popcorn munching.

Measuring in at 18 inches deep, the 5U system can perfectly squeeze into an A/V rack. It’s also pre-fitted with Seagate hard drives, which are designed for multi-streaming video. The unit also comes ready to work with Inteset’s Media Library, for movie, music, home video, photos, and recorded TV.

“With HD content on the rise, particularly from home videos, recorded HDTV, and Blu-ray movies, massive storage is needed more than ever,” states David Hirsh, Inteset’s director of business development. “The XV-NAS offers installers a new class in energy efficient, quiet, enterprise level, A/V style storage. Customers can automatically replicate their Inteset Media Library across homes and access it from the Web. They can also increase capacity by simply adding drives. We’re very excited to be the first to offer such a device to this market,” continues Hirsh.

That privilege won’t come cheap though. The TeraRAID XV-NAS is available for $14,495. There’s also a 7TB version for $10,995.


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