Inside Panasonic’s 3D Tour


We got a chance to check out Panasonic's Touch the Future tour to promote 3D technology at its stop in Boston.

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With 3D movies like “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland” doing well in the theaters, the next step in the rollout of 3D adoption involves driving consumer interest in home theater 3D. 

Panasonic is aggressively following up its Consumer Electronics Show (CES) debut of its 3D home products with a national marketing tour that started in Boston recently, and we were able to see what it was all about.

During the event, which was held in the city’s upscale Copley Place mall, consumers were invited to see the latest Panasonic 3D televisions, home theater in a box (HTiB) systems, portable electronics, desktop audio systems and cameras.

On hand for the product demonstrations was an entire team of Panasonic employees, including Gene Kelsey, director of retail sales support and training for Panasonic. According to Kelsey, the company decided to show a range of products to demonstrate how they can all work together in home environment. 

“These products expand upon what consumers can do in their homes,” he explains. “When our TVs, home theater systems and Blu-ray players are connected together, users can control these devices with a single remote.”

Kelsey adds that the most popular attractions at the event are the 3D televisions and Web-enabled Viera Cast televisions, which now offer Skype communication capabilities. 

He notes that with 3D movies in the theater creating consumer excitement and the ease of use of the Web-enabled TVs, consumers are seeing that these technologies aren’t out of their reach.

“Those [3D television and Viera Cast] are the two things that are attracting the most attention,” Kelsey estimates. “People are blown away by it. They are seeing 3D at the movie theaters and now they are saying, ‘I can enjoy this in my home.’”

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