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What goes better with your pool and spa than a big TV and super sound?

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This homeowner decided to add on a room to his house for an indoor marble lap pool, hot tub, and lounge area. And, oh yeah, some A/V entertainment too, like a big TV.

“We were faced with a couple of challenges here,” says Robert Kowalski of New Jersey-based custom electronics pro Premier Home Theater, which outfitted the room. “One was all the humidity in the room that would affect the electronics and also the woodwork in there. We spoke to the client about the type of environmental system that would be needed to adequately maintain the room.”

One company’s products that could certainly handle controlling that humidity within the HVAC system, not to mention any electronics Premier wanted to throw at it, was Crestron. Chalk up a Crestron control processor as the brains and color touchscreen controller as the handy sidekick.

“Once that was decided we then moved on to the fact that the client not only wanted to have the TV over the fireplace but also that the client wanted to see the TV from the hot tub, pool, and lounge area,” says Kowalski, whose company installed a 42-inch Panasonic plasma for the viewing pleasures.

All the Sonance Symphony speakers were placed in the ceiling and the Triad subwoofer was placed in the protective equipment cabinet on the opposite side of the room.

This space is getting much more use than originally expected, and it’s turned into quite a multipurpose entertainment room. Of course, Kowalski adds, “They also enjoy just lounging around with their children watching TV while soaking away.” Who wouldn’t?

Systems Design & Installation
Premier Home Theater
Newton, NJ

Panasonic 42” plasma
Integra DTR surround reciever
Panamax Max 4300 line conditioner surge suppressor
Panamax MIW Power Pro In wall surge
Crestron MC2W processor
Crestron ST1700 color touchscreen controller
Sonance 623TR speakers (5)
Triad Bronze IW Power Sub with rack amp
Tributaries speaker wire and interconnects

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