iGo Products Can Be Recycled


Also look for chargers that reduce vampire power.

Jul. 30, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Have an older iGo power adapter or charger? Waste Management’s Recycle America subsidiary will recycle it, the company has announced.

Through the “iGo Recycles” consumer electronics and charger recycling program, iGo customers can mail back their used products, which WM Recycle America will process to recover valuable components for reuse. WM Recycle America says it recycles the material in conjunction with the Basel Action Network (BAN) Electronics Recycler’s Pledge of True Stewardship. The company pledges to process all hazardous materials domestically, protects workers’ health and tracks e-waste throughout the recycling chain.

That’s a good way to be green, if you use an older iGo universal power adapter and want to upgrade to a newer one that meets the latest efficiency standards.

IGo is also coming out with iGo Green Technology, which significantly reduces the amount of power used by chargers when devices are in off or standby modes, commonly called “vampire power.” The company says the technology automatically reduces standby power by 85 percent. The iGo Green Technology will be incorporated into laptop chargers, smart power strips and more items.

WM Recycle America has partnered with a number of the nation’s largest consumer electronics brands to encourage consumer electronics recycling. Through these programs, Sony and LG customers can drop off all of their Sony, LG, Zenith or GoldStar e-waste for free at the more than 200 plus eCycling drop-off centers across the country. For a full list of eCycling drop-off centers, click here.

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