Hum a Few Bars & Nayio Identifies Songs


Thanks to your humming skills and a partnership with Napster, that mystery record might no longer be a mystery.

Dec. 13, 2006 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Record companies are upset that consumers aren’t buying CDs anymore. It’s not that I am against CDs; I just usually have no clue who sings today’s top songs. Nayio can name that tune in just a few notes.

Nayio is a Web-based service, which allows users to hum songs into a computer microphone. From there, the service scours Napster and delivers a list of possible matches.

Still not sure? Each possibility has a link to Napster, where you can listen to the song for free. My guess is that they are hoping you will buy it at some point.

I tested it out, and you don’t have to hum like the next “American Idol” (if they awarded them for humming) to get a good match. If only I could take the mic into the shower…

  • Free Web-based service
  • Sample selections for free via Napster
  • Works with standard PC microphone


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