HP: Vroom Solo Is First Central Vac Innovation in Years


Vroom Solo can sync up with a central vac system or work independently.

Sep. 03, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

HP launched its Vroom Solo, which provides “quick-cleanup” for anyone who already has a central vac systems or those who don’t.

The company posted a video of the product in action on its Web site and demonstrated the product here at CEDIA Expo 2008. It’s the first major innovation in the central vac industry to come along in quite some time, says HP’s Amy Wesely. In a way, the lack of changes can be a good thing. “Integrators kind of like that because a lot of their products change every six months,” Wesely says.

Still, an innovation was due. The most recent major product additions to the central vac category, Wesely says, were the hide-a-hose and under-cabinet dustpan features.

HP’s new Vroom Solo aims to combine the benefits of both, while meeting a demand for central vac system to address quick cleanups.

“We talked with focus groups and many talked about quick cleanups and said they don’t often pull out central vacs, using a Swiffer [or other products] because it takes too long to take out the equipment.”

The Vroom Solo also features:

    Ability to be installed inside most cabinets
  • Requires a 120-volt power supply
  • A 24-foot retractable hose
  • It turns on automatically when the user grabs the hose and pulls it from the base and turns off automatically when put back

The quick-solution product can connect to a central vac system or can work independently.

Vroom Solo will be available October 15, according to Wesely, and will retail for about $399.

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