HP TouchSmart Laptop Coming

HP TouchSmart

HP’s TouchSmart allows for access to photos, video, music and more, using the touch of your finger.

The company plans to put its TouchSmart feature into a notebook by 2010.

Aug. 06, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

HP wants you to put your greasy mitts on a lot more of its monitors.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company is working on a variety of devices that include its TouchSmart technology—most notably, a laptop computer.

IMS Research recently said they expect the number of mobile touchscreen handsets to surge to 230 million by 2012. iSuppli added in PCs and other touchscreen devices to jack that number up to 800 million by 2013. Just the Apple iPhone by itself has sold more than 6 million units since its 2007 debut.

Last month, HP launched its TouchSmart All-in-One desktop PC, to good reviews. Electronista says the new unit is expected to have a customized interface, rather than Microsoft’s Windows 7, which will also include touch features.

“We see touch as the almost preferred method for nontechnical users,” said Phil McKinney, CTO for HP’s Personal Systems Group.

Is the future in your finger? We may find out when the TouchSmart notebook hits shelves in 18 months.

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