How Do I Pick the Colors for My Media Room?


Dark wall colors should enhance video performance.

A homeowner is looking to enhance a media/theater room with appropriate wall colors.

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Q. I need help on how to pick the right color for a theater room. Where do I begin? -Rosio, Maryland

A. This is a common question we hear, and wall color can definitely make a difference in the room’s performance. If at all possible, look to use darker colors for the wall that will be behind your television/projection screen. Also think about color of the ceiling and if it’s possible to use a darker color on that surface too.

These colors will help the video maintain its contrast, grayscale and color depth or more simply produce a better picture. With a darker background and ceiling, you get added “pop” to the image. Darker colors will help prevent light from reflecting off the TV or screen and these surfaces and thereby reducing contrast.

If you’re considering acoustics too, you could do everything from hire a firm to professionally measure the room acoustics and calibrate the audio and video, to doing more basic stuff like putting a rug on the floor, putting books in the corners, placing blankets on the chairs and couch and adding pillows to the seating area.

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