Hot Deal: Belkin PureAV PF30 Home Theater Power Console for $59

image is knocking 76 percent off this add-on for your AV setup.

Oct. 12, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We can talk about clean power until we’re blue in the face. However, a power conditioner is probably not at the top of your “gimme” list. wants to change all of that.

We found the Belkin PureAV PF30 Home Theater Power Console currently on sale for a cool $58.99. This product typically lists for $249.99, meaning that you can save 76 percent on this purchase. If you’re not sold, know that this cost also includes free shipping—and it’s the absolute cheapest price we’ve ever seen for this item.

Belkin packs patented Multi-Phase PureFilter Circuitry into each PureAV Power Console. That means it can eliminate electrical noise and provide clean and clear power to all of your AV equipment. It also promises to isolate audio, video and digital components, meaning that noise from one device won’t contaminate the entire system.

Also, if you’re worried about overloading the outlet, this device has your back. Built-in Advanced Overvoltage Protection will cut the power when input voltage reaches dangerous levels. It also restores it when the coast (or at least the voltage) is clear.

The PureAV Power Console doesn’t just protect threats on your AC lines. It also has coaxial cable, pay-per view/phone and broadband Ethernet line protection.

Featuring eight outlets, this is a nice addition to any AV setup. It’s also an inexpensive one, but you’d better move quickly. There’s no word on how long this deal will last, but we’re guessing at this price, will probably run out of stock.

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