Help for Hooking up a Converter Box


Zenith’s DTT901 converter box shows you how to connect the Zenith DTT901 converter box.

Apr. 30, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Are you ready for the switch from analog to digital? If not, a new website sponsored by Zenith can point you in the right direction. The site,, illustrates step-by-step how to connect a digital converter box to an analog TV.

“We’re taking thousands of phone calls each day from consumers who have purchased the Zenith DTT901 converter box but don’t understand how to best connect it to their analog TV,” says Zenith Senior VP Richard Lewis. “And while it’s not difficult to hook up a converter box to an analog TV, more than one out of four callers had connectivity questions, which is similar to what the FCC is experiencing with its DTV Hotline.” (Read: Zenith Converter Box: Better Than Advertised)

The ConnectYourBox site provides step-by-step instructions, including color photos, on various ways to handle the hookup. The site shows how to connect a box directly to the TV by using either coaxial cables or standard audio/video cables, as well as making the connection through an existing VCR. If you’d rather hear how to do it than read about it, the site includes a video (less than two minutes) that walks you through the steps.

The information on the website is thorough, straightforward and simple enough for even the most non-technical person in your household to follow. Even if you don’t have a converter box yet, it’s a good site to click on before the June 12 conversion deadline.

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