Home’s High Tech Routed over 20 Miles of Wiring


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This Texas-sized install features multiple 7.1 media rooms, more than a thousand lights and all that wiring.

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How much wiring can you stuff into your home?

This major project that was led by Texas-based Futurian Systems featured Texas-sized systems installation. How big? According to Futurian’s Jeremy Beck, how about seven individual media rooms requested, over 1,000 individual lights needing control, media to be stored and served in 20 different zones, a high-speed Wi-Fi network was a must, camera surveillance covering every corner of the house, and a robust control system to tie it all together.

“Over 400 man hours were spent to strategically route 20 linear miles of audio, video, voice, data, security, and fiber optic wiring throughout the estate,” says Beck. “The wiring infrastructure set up the home for the ultimate type of home system that included multiple media rooms and a beautiful theater, movie and music storage and distribution throughout, a wired and wireless network with secured access everywhere, a sophisticated phone system with both wired and wireless handsets, and a control system that glued everything together.”

That’s right—20 miles of wiring. Fortunately, Futurian was able to install a Control4 system as a critical backbone of the entire home’s technology, able to serve as the umbrella control under which everything could be commanded.

That includes not only the features of, say, the televisions and what content they show, but the way some of the TVs in the home are engaged. “By far, the most exciting feature of this installation is the drop-down flat panel TV in the master bedroom,” says Beck. “When the Control4 button is pushed on the remote control the TV automatically drops from the attic into the room and puts a nice little tilt down towards the bed.”

With such a large residence, the surveillance system was crucial as well, and the Control4 interface can tap into any of the 10 cameras that keep a watchful eye over the property—whether the interface is a touchscreen or television screen.

And if that’s not impressive enough, consider that each media room has a full 7.1 surround setup. Intrusive, you say? Nah—all the speakers, including the sub are built into the ceiling and have “a nice faux finish to perfectly blend with the room,” notes Beck.

Systems Design & Installation
Futurian Systems
Southlake, Texas

Control 4 - HC1000, LOZ-5D1, KPZ-3B1, HC300, AVM-16S1-B, C4-16AMP3, RCZ-SRC2-B, C4-CHE-13X, LDZ-101-A, LSZ-101-A, LSZ-3W1-A, KPZ-6B1,TSE-3.82-A, C4-YSM10-G-B, CCZ-T1-W
Sony - 12 Zone Cat 5 Video Matrix Switcher
Panasonic - BB-HCM531A, KX-T7775, KX-T7737, KX-TD7690, KX-TAW848
TruAudio - R1-6, R2-6, R3-6, REV-LCR.1, REV-SUR.1, R2-8
Polk - CSW200, SWA500, RTS105
Axonix - MediaDeck 4HD, MediaServer Pro Raid 6
Mitsubishi - WD73833
Marantz - SR7002, SR8002
Bose - Free Space 51
Niles - OS7.5
Chief - PCL4239T
Draper - 119” Acoustical Screen
Middle Atlantic - WR-44-32, ASR-42-HD
Belkin - AP51300FC-10-BLK, AP20800FC-10-BLK
Netgear - GSM7212NA, GS748TP
Samsung - FPT5084
Pakedge - WAP-C2-01, LN-T4081F, LN-T2353H, LN-T4065F / G.E. NX8E

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