Homeowners Float Around in Dive-In Theater


From their pool they have a great view of the gazebo theater and its 92-inch motorized screen, and well-placed speakers assure audio all around.

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“Wouldn’t it be cool to float around and watch football?”

That’s what the homeowners of this cool cabana thought. So EAG Design of Kingsport, Tenn., outfitted the 20-by-25-foot gazebo with a 92-inch Severston motorized screen and well-protected Epson projector, mounted four in-ceiling speakers and planted five more rock-shaped ones around the pool, and wired everything to the equipment “bunker” in the garage.

What’s cool is the RTI U2 waterproof remote control can float in the pool. What’s even cooler is the anemometer EAG installed to keep tabs on wind speed.

If the wind exceeds 5 mph for seven seconds, the screen automatically retracts into its casing.

“Having a theater out there sounds great, but I wanted to make sure it had protection,” says EAG’s Erich Allen. “We didn’t want the screen to become a wind sail.”

The pool theater was wired as an independent zone, due to the concrete laid during the main home’s renovation. Then plans for a couple of speakers around the pool expanded. Says Allen: “Since we would have to pull wire, why not pull Cat 5 and others for video?”

You can actually hear the speakers under water, too. But EAG considered that not everyone would be focusing on a movie or sporting event, so there are three volume controls. Audio from a 5-disc changer, satellite service and iPod dock pipe in tunes that can be heard separately from what’s playing onscreen.

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System Design & Installation
EAG Design
Kingsport, Tenn.

Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 7500UB Projector which includes a good ceiling mount
Severston Cinema Series II 16x9 motorized screen ( in a black housing)
Muxlab HDMI Controllers
Anemometer and a Wind Switch PC Board
AudioQuest Speaker wire
AudioQuest HDMI Cables
PRO Connect Cat-5e wire
Lutron Lighting Control
Yamaha RXV Receiver with 3 zones
Yamaha YDS-10 iPod Docking Station
Panamax M5300PM Power Conditioner
RTI U2 waterproof remote control ( it even floats )
RTI RP-1 Processer
Niles HPS-6 Speaker Selector
Niles Flashers
QTY. 2 Niles HP Volume Control
QTY. 1 Niles Weatherproof Volume Control
QTY. 5 Niles Sandstone Speakers located throughout the pool area
QTY. 4 Monitor Audio In-ceiling Speakers located in the gazebo
Middle Atlantic DWR Sectional Wall Mount Rack & Shelves located underneath the gazebo in the bunker/pool room

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