Home Theater Basks in Mega 160” Screen


FINALIST: Best Home Theater $50,000-$100,000

This Utah theater has a massive screen to go in a big home, plus a big audio system to match.

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This home is located on a bluff with a panoramic view of St. George, Utah, and its mountain vistas in the distance. It was only fitting that the home’s theater room was built with stunning vistas as well.

“This came to The Audio Installation Company as a spec project,” says company owner John Staples. “The contractor, Dave Jensen, has been known for his attention to detail and for giving the client just a little extra then the next contractor.”

This theater room will give the homeowners a lot extra. Start with the massive 160-inch Draper Onyx screen that’s, obviously, the first thing you see when you walk in the room.

Actually, you may not see it—the theater features automated curtains that draw in front of the screen, adding drama to the true cinema-like experience.

“The home is 11,300 square feet with a separate casita. With 20-foot ceilings in the entry and a great room with full window walls it was only fitting that the theater should have the same feeling of luxury and scale to match the rest of the home,” says Staples.

Beautiful mahogany hardwood adorns the room, and the JVC projector is mounted to not call attention to itself. There’s no hush box to enclose it, but any sound emanating from the projector would be overridden by the wave of sound to match the video performance.

All the speakers are hidden behind sound panels, including the two Velodyne in-wall subs and nine (yes, nine) B&W Speakers.

An RTI T2-C handheld controller is able to activate all of the gear, including those motorized curtains, to make for easy playtime in this theater.

Systems Design & Installation
The Audio Installation Company
St. George, Utah

1 Draper Onyx. 161“ wall screen
1 JVC DLA-RS-1U projector
1 Sanus mount VMPIB
1 Marantz SR 7002 7.1 Receiver
1 SpeakerCraft BB 505 2 channel amp
1 Marantz DV 4001 Blu-ray Player
8 B&W CWM 6260 L-R and surround speakers
1 B&W CWM Cinema-center speaker
2 Velodyne SC-1w in-wall sub Hidden Thunder
1 Velodyne SC1250 sub amp
1 Dish Network HD DVR receiver
1 Audioquest HDMI cable package
1 Tripp Lite HT 1000 UPS. Surge and UPS

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