Home of the Year Awards 2007: Fun Room


Clever thinking, top-notch equipment and expert installation guarantee a good time in these rooms.

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Gold Winner:
Remodeled A/V Rec Room Serves as Icebreaker
Complete with a home theater, dance floor, bar and pool table, this lower-level rec room might have guests pulling out their wallets to pay a cover charge to get in. But the fun is absolutely free: The homeowners’ main objective was to create a multifunctional space that would be inviting to people of all ages.

Silver Winner:
Old Boat Turned into Unique Bar
Any room that sports a 25-foot boat that functions as a bar automatically grabs our attention and warrants serious—and some not-so-serious—consideration. You say the bar/boat is fully stocked and the bartender actually stands inside while seated guests gather around the port-side attached bar? We’re listening. And that a faux-paint specialist added waves breaking below? Very cool. Although we have to say, it does seem somewhat peculiar.

Bronze Winner:
The A/V Comfort Cave
After homeowners Cliff and Kim Gumkowski had their East Greenwich, RI, residence’s basement transformed into a dream playground with several alcoves and a stonework touch designed by Kim, one nickname for the space just jumped out: The Cave. And it’s a spot in which anyone would love to get lost exploring.

Runner Up:
Connected Collector
This homeowner didn't just want to stare at his classic cars, he needed a big screen to fill in his downtime.

Runner Up:
Dance Floor Makes an Instant House Party
If this room is a-rockin', it's because the installer catered to the homeowner's desire for a dance-club atmosphere.

Runner Up:
Vegas Baby, Vegas!
These high rollers took a gamble with the theme of this small room -- and won big.

Runner Up:
Audio Upgrade
The homeowner was in need of a video adjustment. However, it was his audio that was really in need of a boost.

Runner Up:
Fun for the Family
The family that plays together here, plays hard -- and looks forward to every minute of it.

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