Home of the Year Awards 2006 - Kitchens


Gold Winner - Kitchen. Photo by Michael Neveux.

Keep on top of the days activities via a scheduler on the Internet, dance while you make dinner, and keep up-to-date with the news on TV.

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Gold Winner:
Convenience is Served
Here’s a recipe for creating a great kitchen: First, plan for ample space, because the kitchen is often the social hub of a home. A top-notch kitchen allows plenty of opportunity for people to cook, eat and chat. The cook of the house whips up some appetizers while family members or guests sit at the counter and recount the day’s events. There should also be enough space for two or more people to work in the kitchen without bumping into one another.

Silver Winner:
Breaking the Mold
A lot goes into designing a good kitchen. There’s the work flow to consider, as well as making sure there’s ample storage space for all your bakeware, dishes and utensils. Having top-quality appliances, cabinetry, lighting and flooring is important, too. And more and more, TVs and stereo systems have become integral to the overall design of a hardworking kitchen.

Bronze Winner:
Sonic Feast
This kitchen sizzles, thanks to a combination of commercial-grade appliances and top-notch entertainment, control and networking equipment. Music and scene-adjustable lights were must-haves for the homeowners. Two AMX keypads are used to access and control music from a remotely located MP3 server, CD player and XM radio. The music spills into the room from four SpeakerCraft speakers mounted flush with the ceiling.

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