Historical Property Gets High-Tech Makeover in Poland


Photo courtesy of Marek Sokolowski.

Warsaw's 1928 historic property now has a home with a whole-house Control4 system.

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There are a lot of historic places to visit in Poland. However, only one has a taste of the high-tech lifestyle.

Built in 1928, this Warsaw home is currently listed as part of an historic property. That’s because it’s currently owned by the Radziwill family. Doesn’t ring any bells? Lee Radziwill is the sister of the late Jacqueline Kennedy—and apparently, Robert Kennedy stayed at a house on the property back in 1964.

Currently, a family inhabits the house and while they certainly appreciate the land’s significance, they probably enjoy some of the recent home upgrades a lot more.

Back in 2011, the house was completely renovated. Part of the update included the addition of a Control4 system. It has a heating mode that’s timed with the two children’s school schedule, as well as music zones and dimmable lighting circuits to deliver each family member’s own wake-up call. 

Many of the other features are also automatic, from the lighting to the water to the security system. If someone in the family forgets to turn something off (or on) before leaving the house, the Control4 system will take care of it for them. Other features include gate control from an iPhone or iPad, security cameras and motion detectors, and automated sprinklers. The family also enjoys having Rhapsody play through the Bose speakers in different zones throughout the house. 

The system even has electronic controls in the shower, which was one of the install’s biggest challenges. According to Krzysztof Bąk, managing director for Synergy Polska, the bathroom has its own controls, but users can also tap into the system via an iPhone.

“This fine home has become the only such home in Poland, combining the characteristic decor found in the style of the 1930s with the most modern, technological features of the home of tomorrow,” says Bąk.

For a better peek at this historical property’s high-tech makeover, check out our slideshow.

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