High-Tech AV is Hidden in This Renovated Living Space


This whole-house upgrade includes Runco, Leon Speakers, ReQuest, and more.

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When you buy a new home, typically you do certain things to make it your own. This young couple did a lot of things. In fact, they renovated almost every inch of this 9,146 square-foot home.

All six bedrooms and seven baths received new paint, wallpaper, furniture, flooring and fixtures. Really, nothing was left untouched. However, the main living area is really the spot that catches the most eyeballs—as well as foot traffic.

The kitchen sort of leaks into the family room, creating one massive spot where friends and family can gather. Previously, the space had a provincial style with faux stonework on the walls and dark colors throughout. It was gorgeous, but didn’t fit the active lifestyle of this growing family. Instead, the couple wanted something open and relaxing, where the family could entertain, with and without the AV setup.

The couple liked how the previous room had a clean look to it and didn’t want the new space to be dominated by gadgets and TVs. Bryant Moore and Adam Sito of Moore Audio Design were brought in to make that happen.

The new room is anchored by a gorgeous Runco Crystal Portfolio CX-55HD LCD display. The couple is happy that this 55-incher is still the only visible technology in the room. However, now the family has access to a 5.1 surround sound system, featuring a custom-made Leon Horizon HZUTLCRXA ultra-thin soundbar with 3-inch midrange woofers and 1-inch audiophile-grade tweeters that’s also visible. The audio also includes punch from Martin Logan Electro Motion IW in-wall rear speakers and the Martin Logan Dynamo 1000 subwoofer. There’s also Out of sight, there’s also an Arcam receiver/amp and a Pioneer Blu-ray player.

Most of the components are accessed through Universal Remote Control‘s MX-880. However, the family now has the ReQuest IQ Multi-Room Distributed Audio System, which can be tapped into via the 6-inch TS.6N in-wall touchscreen in the kitchen.

Moore describes the new interior design as “modern and clean with medieval-inspired touches.” It fits perfectly with the family’s lifestyle, but gives them access to a world of electronics that disappears seamlessly into the new decor.

For a peek at the before and after shots of this home, check out our High-Tech AV is Hidden in This Renovated Living Space slideshow.

Equipment List

  • Arcam FMJ AVR400 AV Receiver
  • Leon Speakers Above-Mount Bracket
  • Leon Speakers Horizon HZUTLCRXA Ultra-thin Soundbar
  • Luxul XAP1032 High Performance Commercial 802.11n Access Point
  • Martin Logan Dynamo 1000 Subwoofer
  • Panamax M-5100PM Power Manager
  • Peerless SF660 Flat Wall Mount
  • Pioneer Elite BDP43 Streaming Blu-ray Disc Player
  • RBH MC-6DB In-Wall Surround Speakers (2)
  • Runco Crystal Portfolio CX-55HD LCD Display
  • Tributaries Cables Speaker Wiring and System Interconnects
  • URC MX-880 Universal Remote Control

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