Hi-Tech Gag Gifts


Spoof boxes look like genuine gifts for high-tech enthusiasts

Nov. 26, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

For $8, you can give a loved one a gift they’ll never forget … and pull the best prank of the season, or maybe the entire year.

Prank Pack sells a variety of gift boxes labeled to look like the real thing—things that are so crazy and outlandish that the recipient may want to chuck the gift back under the tree. There’s box that purports to contain an automatic Pet Petter, featuring four different petting speeds for all types of hair lengths. You can trick a favorite nephew with an Extreme Chores video game, which is advertised as having game players complete household chores (like cleaning the litter box) as they race against the clock.

And for your wife, wrap up the Bathe & Brew, a coffeemaker that attaches to the showerhead. As she unwraps it be sure to throw in a remark about how she’ll be able to save so much time by washing her hair and having coffee at the same time.

Although the boxes look completely genuine, there’s nothing inside. About the size of a giant phone book, there’s enough room inside to hold a real gift—a shirt, a pair of shoes or a couple of video games. Even if you don’t get what you want this Christmas, the reactions you’ll receive from these spoof gift boxes will brighten your holiday long into the New Year.

For Cyber Monday, Prank Pack is running a special: 5 boxes for $25 (they are usually $8 apiece), with $5 flat rate shipping.

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