Help - I Need an Expandable Home Automation System


The Mi Casa Verde system comes with the Z-Wave-enabled Vera gateway/router, a Z-Wave USB stick, and the software to program and operate your system.

DIYer needs user-expandable home automation system to include wireless video and control for spying on his horse.

Jul. 07, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Q What home automating system would be user-expandable to include wireless video and control? I mean to send video from the barn to the bedroom and then on to the internet. One example would be to spy on the horse, pan the camera, from either bedroom or distant office. And to also monitor the house fire alarm, refrigerator, etc., from the distant office. And all DIY. - John

A. Hi John,

This feature is fairly common for home automation systems, even for DIY products.

For super-simple and low cost, take a look at Mi Casa Verde. Click here to read a review.

One of the most popular and feature-rich DIY products is Homeseer.

Home Automation Inc. has a variety products to suit your needs, but they can be a little complicated — search for it at

We also list dozens of home automation systems in our Ultimate Guide to Home Automation 2009. It distinguishes the products that are DIY vs. Pro-only.

Hope that helps.

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