Help - HDMI Cable Installed with Input/Output Reversed


Our HDMI cable was installed with the input/output on the wrong ends.

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Q. Our HDMI cable was installed with the input and output on the wrong ends. Can the ends be reversed? - Noemi, Glen Cove, N.Y.

A. AVGuys Houston provides these tips via CE Pro:

[There are] 2 ways to answer this post:

1) NO, the cable will have to be removed and re-run to gain optimal use of the directionality of the wire.

2) It will make no difference if the arrows that are printed on the wire do not point the same way as the flow of current.

Now, there are lots of other questions that get raised before either of those answers can be applied:

  • What indicates the input/output are reversed?
  • What brand of cable?
  • How long is the cable?
  • Is there a repeater involved?
  • Is there a different connector on each end?

CE Pro senior editor Robert Archer also weighed in:

It may be fixable, in theory, but HDMI cables are delicate and the cable would probably have to be sent back to the manufacturer. It may fall under a warranty, but the manufacturer may not be able to fix it.

This is part of the reason why you don’t see field-terminable HDMI cables.

It may also be less expensive to just buy a new one. I don’t know who manufactured the cable, but I know companies like Transparent, Straight Wire, Tributaries have policies to protect client purchases. It’s part of the value of spending a little bit extra to buy quality products from quality manufacturers.

Some people view cabling as throw away items, but they’re an undervalued part of the system equation.

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