HD Guru: Bad Grades for DirecTV 3D


HD Guru Gary Merson scores 3D content on DirecTV and the results are generally grim: "Take it off the air."

Jul. 06, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Last week, DirecTV flipped the switch on a bunch of new 3D channels. It’s been a long time coming, but was it all worth the wait?

HD Guru Gary Merson has posted his review on the service provider’s first four 3D offerings. He looked at some of the programming from the exclusive N3D channel, which is a joint effort between DirecTV and Panasonic. Some of the content features the awesome power of 1080p/24. Don’t get too drooly, though; some of the content is in 1080i.

So what’s the verdict? Well, you might still be anxiously awaiting new content. Programs reviewed included:

* Wild Safari: An South African Adventure
* S.O.S Planet
* African Adventure: Safari in the Okavango
* Encounter In The Third Dimension

Using a good, old grading system, Merson says the first three programs averaged about a C on content. That sounds kind of crappy, if you ask me. In other words, you’ll watch it because that’s all there is. Even more depressing is that two of those Cs scored even worse when it came to 3D quality—with one getting a big, fat F.

“Safari in Okavango is poorly shot 3D, making viewing a strain, as ones eyes try to compensate for the discrepancies,” Merson says. “At this time we feel it would be best for DirecTV to take it off the air and only rebroadcast it if it can fixed in post production.”

Tell us how you really feel, Gary! He definitely does. Check out his full review at HDGuru.com.

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