Hawking Hi-Gain Adapter Boosts Wireless with Antenna

hawking adapter

Hawking Technologies’ Hi-Gain Wireless-N networking adapter and removable antenna

The Hi-Gain Wireless-N Wi-Fi USB networking adapter from Hawking enables wireless networking for Mac and PC, with an upgradeable antenna for extended reach.

Jan. 22, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Not all Wi-Fi spots are hot, and picking it up isn’t always as easy as tuning into your favorite FM radio station, per se. That’s why Hawking Technologies is trying to extend your computer’s wireless reach.

The company’s Hi-Gain Wireless-N Wi-Fi USB networking adapter will give you the wireless goods on a PC or Mac, and conveniently it comes with a removable antenna so you can always upgrade if you want.

The adapter uses 802.11n technology for quick and robust data transfer, and is backward compatible with 802.11b/g. Hawking says its indoor and outdoor Hi-Gain antennas compatible with the adapter can boost wireless connection by up to 600 percent.

Along with the performance and extension, you get wireless security support of WEP, WPA and WPA2, plus simple installation with a step-by-step setup wizard.

Hawking lists the MSRP as $79, but estimates street price at $59. You can blow the saved $20 bucks on lattes and flatbread sandwiches while you’re enjoying your new Wi-Fi experience at the local cafe.

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