Hasbro Puts 3D into Transformers Cine-Power Masks


The upcoming toy tie-in will feature real RealD passive 3D glasses.

Feb. 21, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Need a way to get the kids excited about Transformers: Dark of the Moon? So does Paramount. Luckily, one of the movie’s producers is Hasbro, who has come up with the perfect movie tie-in: Transformers Cine-Power 3D Masks.

Aside from a heap of plastic and paint, this $9.99 faux helmet packs in real RealD glasses that can be worn in any compatible movie theater.

Dorky? Yes. Economical? Maybe. As PCMag.com points out, they should also work with VIZIO’s new Cinema 3D HDTVs, as well as LG’s new passive sets. That means if you are willing to take your nerdiness to the next level and actually wear these things at home, you can have 3D glasses for $9.99.

Both Optimus Prime and Bumblebee versions of the masks will start shipping on May 16. That allows you plenty of time to break them in before Transformers: Dark of the Moon debuts in theaters on July 1, 2011.

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