Harmony Remotes Continue to Expand with Ultimate Hub for Smartphones

Ultimate Hub does IR, RF and Bluetooth

Jun. 20, 2013 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Remember a few months ago when we reported that Logitech was getting out of the remote control business and wanted to sell off the Harmony brand? Well, we take that back.

Logitech has decided that the Harmony remotes still have something in them, and in fact the company is expanding the line. According to a press statement, Logitech says that since April, the Harmony line has “gained momentum” after the instruction of the Harmony Ultimate remote.

To keep that momentum going, Logitech is launching the Harmony Ultimate Hub. It’s similar to the original Harmony Hub, which put all your home theater controls into an iPod/iPad/Android app and communicated to the AV gear via a little hub.

The new Ultimate Harmony Hub includes IR, Bluetooth and RF communications. This means that it can control game systems like the PS3 and you can hide your home theater gear inside a cabinet or closet, because you don’t need a line-of-sight.

The Ultimate Hub will be available in August for $99.

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