Vacuum Tubes Improve iPod Sound

Roth Cocoon

Roth Audio’s Music Cocoon MC4—dock your iPod in the middle

Roth Audio's Music Cocoon MC4 uses vacuum tubes to give digital audio a warmer, deeper sound.

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While the iPod has revolutionized the way we listen to music, in some channels it makes people cringe about the quality of the music we are now listening to. Most iPod users settle for the default compression rate of 128kbps to rip their CDs to, as well as it being the rate of iTunes store downloads.

Sounds more than fine through a set of headphones, but it’s another matter when the music is streamed through a speaker system through a growing list of docking devices. Sure, it’s great to access all that music and most people aren’t too discriminating on the non-CD sound quality.

For those seeking to get the most of their music selection and hear it in a more pristine manner, without having to rip at higher sample rates, British manufacturer Roth Audio wants to oblige with the introduction of its Music Cocoon MC4 amplifier with iPod dock.

The MC4 utilizes audiophile-friendly vacuum tubes to deliver what it says is a warm, deep sound that gives richness to compressed music files. The device also can be hooked up to a CD player for uncompressed musical goodness.

Other features include volume control, iPod charging, overheating protection, speaker short circuit protection and fuse protection in the adapter. The MC4 is expected to sell in the U.S. for $649.

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