Great Room Glows in LED Light Show


FINALIST: Best Family/Media Room

Infinite color combinations of LEDs preside over this open great room for visual attraction -- those and a hidden 61-inch plasma.

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Like a lot of installations we see, the homeowner in this case wanted the technology hidden. In this case, though, there’s a fantastic light show that does often take center stage, so who would want to see other technology?

Well, OK, that might be saying a bit much, seeing as how there’s a 61-inch Runco plasma TV in this great room ... but it only pops up when called upon to deliver its great images.

The team at Ohio-based Audio Video Interiors made sure that this elegant open-floor great room itself was the center of attention. The artistic LED lighting on the ceiling and framing the centerpiece cabinetry only enhances its design showcase.

AVI’s Michael Pope relates how the impressive cabinet came to be: “The original design called for a fireplace in the room with a plasma installed above it. A cabinet maker designed built-in cabinets for either side of the fireplace. We designed the spaces required for our sliding equipment racks and front LCR speakers and subwoofers. The Great Room is a very large space which mandated quality speakers for good sound reproduction. This turned out to be quite a challenge to fit speakers and subwoofers into the cabinetry and still have room for the equipment. To further complicate matters, the homeowner changed cabinet makers several times, necessitating re-designs each time. Eventually, the client opted for a stylish cabinet only design including an electric lift for the Runco Plasma TV.”

Design may have been a compromise, but performance is still top notch for a room that is secondary for audio and video to the home’s main theater room. Smaller footprint SpeakerCraft in-wall speakers dole out the audio, and were custom fitted next to columns framing the entry into the room.

“The other consideration was the fact that the Great Room was an open floor plan and sound containment was a non-issue,” says Pope.

Whether the Runco is in use or not, a big visual attraction and statement is the ceiling design featuring the LEDs with infinite color combinations. Those LEDs are put to great use in the home—we’ve seen how the open layout makes for ideal viewing already in another one of its rooms, the award-winning master suite.

The room is conveniently controlled by a Crestron TPS5000 touchpanel fitted with a wireless docking station. “The homeowner can easily operate the room or the house, select a lighting scene, view the CCTV cameras, or control the temperature from the custom software,” says Pope.

Even the temperature itself was taken into aesthetic consideration, as the actual thermostats are in the main furnace room and just a small sensor disk resides in the great room, according to Pope. The homeowner can bring up all of the temperature controls for all 18 zones on the TPS5000 touchpanel. It’s all about comfort and convenience in here—and a tasteful dose of flashiness.

Systems Design & Installation
Audio Video Interiors
Medina, Ohio

3 AMP In-floor Custom Metal Floor Box
1 Crestron CNXRMC : Room control
1 Crestron CHV-RTHS Remote Temperature & Humidity Sensor
1 Crestron CNXRMCLV : Room solution box
1 Crestron ST-PC : Cresnet Dual Power Control Module
1 Crestron ST-RMK : Rack Mount Kit for SmarTouch Expansion Modules
2 Crestron CNX-B12W : 12-Button Designer Keypad(s)
3 Crestron ST-COM : Dual RS-232/422/485 Com module
1 Crestron ST-CS : Cresnet Dual Current Sensor Module
1 Crestron TPS-5000 : Isys(TM) 12” Tilt Touchpanel
1 Crestron TPS-XTXRF : Wireless module/docking station
1 Crestron ST-CNB : SmarTouch/Cresnet Terminal Expander
1 Crestron TPS-RFGWX : 2-Way RF Transceiver/Wireless Gateway
1 Dataprobe Inc. iBootBar : Web Controlled AC Power Strip
1 DirecTV HR21 Satellite Receiver
3 Future-Proof 6 Port Wall Jacks
1 Integra DPS-8.3 : DVD Player
1 Kaleidescape, Inc. KPLAYER-2500 : Movie Player
2 M&K K10 (B) : Powered subwoofer(s)
3 M&K K17 Compact LCR speakers
1 Middle Atlantic Equipment Rack
1 Monster Cable MP HTS5100 : Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter™
1 Lot Monster Cable Miscellaneous Connecting cables
1 Panasonic : KX-T7735 (B) : 24-button speaker phone
1 Pelco CCC2400 H4 Mini-dome Camera
1 RUNCO : PL-61cx : 61” Plasma w/PFP controller
7 Sentrol 1125 W Window Sensors
1 Sentrol 1125 B Door Sensor
2 Speakercraft 8.3MT : 8” In-Wall Speakers
1 Visonics K98D Motion Detector
1 Visonics GLASSTECH Glass Break Detector

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