Premier Mounts Going Hands-Free with Your iPad


Premier Mounts' iPad brackets for mounting Apple's sleek device give it a docked touchscreen look.

Jun. 09, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We know that custom electronics pros and consumers are already using Apple’s iPad as a touchscreen controller for the home. Automation manufacturers such as Crestron and Savant already have popular apps that let you put the iPad to work in a home control system, and we’ve seen it used in Control4 and Exceptional Innovation Lifeware fueled systems.

Multipurpose touchscreens from such companies can be used a variety of ways in the home—as portable wireless versions, docked in walls and also mounted on tabletops or theater seat trays.

Premier Mounts is giving you a similar type of setup for the iPad. It’s already a portable wireless device, but Premier has debuted its VIP-100 and VIP-200 mounting frames so the iPad can be fastened to a wall, table mount, stand or other compatible VESA 100 mounting pattern, the company says.

Premier is introducing the product at this week’s InfoComm show in Las Vegas, so for now we’re expecting it in more of an office environment, but Premier offers plenty of residential mount solutions and there will surely be some overlap or other specialty iPad mount/dock products so you can store it safely in the kitchen or bedside—especially in light of how its affordability relative to automation manufacturers’ touchscreens already have CE pros and consumers thinking about not whether or not they’ll include the iPad in a home system, but how many iPads will be spec’d in.

There’s no word on pricing, so check with your local pro or Premier Mounts dealer if you’re thinking about docking your iPad for more of that hands-free touchpanel functionality.

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