Get Set to ‘Explore3DTV’ on New Website


The editors of Electronic House and CE Pro, and partner Capable Networks, bring you for your comprehensive 3D resource of news, reviews and community chatter.

Jun. 07, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Can’t get enough 3D TV talk? Now you can join the community discussing this big buzzworthy trend, and find out about the latest 3D news, see 3D movie trailers and much more. It’s all at a new website,, featuring content from the editors of Electronic House, sister publication CE Pro and many other contributors.

The website is part of the tech community of sites operated by Capable Networks, including other tech-heavy places such as TiVo Community, Slingbox Community, TechLore and MediaSmartHome.

Explore3DTV is a dedicated site for the latest information about 3D—everything from new products, movie reviews, FAQs and more.

The website is essentially broken down into five main areas: News, Products, Content, Forums and Help. Sub-categories in the sections include all things TV, Movies and Gaming for the Content, for example, and blog/opinion articles within the News. The Help area contains FAQs and RSS and Newsletter signups for you to stay up to date, and like, you can even submit a 3D-related question to a “pro” for response.

What we’d really like readers to do is participate in the 3D discussion, so please register when you go to the site. What are your thoughts on 3D? What 3D movies have you seen, and how were they? What 3D Blu-rays are you anticipating? Check out the forum section to talk shop with other early adopters of the technology.

It’s hard not to be intrigued by 3D technology these days, and we’re starting to see more TV advertisements from the display manufacturers (along with just about every movie being released in 3D these days). On Explore3DTV you’ll be able to get the latest info on what flat panels and projectors are available, and user feedback in the forums.

And when cable and satellite networks begin broadcasting 3D content—we’ll see it very soon with the World Cup soccer on ESPN 3D—you’ll find reviews of such content on Explore3DTV as well. It’s your one-stop 3D resource.

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