Get Ready for Rash of Holiday Disasters

Electronic devices suffer the consequences of human error during the holidays.

Nov. 18, 2013 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Picture the scene: You’re rushing to an après-work party when you slip on the ice and crack the screen of your phone. The next day you carry your laptop to the couch for a serious online shopping session and spill a cup of coffee on the keyboard.

In the mad rush to get ready for the holidays, accidents are bound to happen, and according to a study by SquareTrade, many of those mishaps involved our beloved smart devices. “It’s tough to be a device during the holidays – we were surprised to find that more than half of accidents were attributed to activities like traveling, holiday shopping cooking and decorating,” says Ty Shay, SquareTrade CMO.

Clumsiness pervades the nation during this time, as the survey shows that 15 million households have damaged a device during the holidays. The devices that bear the brunt are laptops, phones, cameras and tablets.

Here’s a look at the survey data:

• 1 in 8 households in America have damaged a laptop, phone, camera or tablet during the holidays.

• 35 percent of devices damaged were mobile phones.

• Nearly twice as many iPhones were reported damaged as Samsung smartphones.

• 51 percent of the damage is attributed to holiday activities:

    Traveling (22%)
    Shopping (12%)
    Cooking (10%)
    Decorating (7%)

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