Genius Speakers Have Touchability

Genius SP-T1200

The 2.0 Touch Speaker System illuminates on the slide bar when touched.

The $99 SP-T1200 have a touchable front panel and pair nicely with portables.

Jun. 25, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

C’mon, c’mon, now touch these, babe. No… really. Genius promotes putting your greasy fingers all over its new SP-T1200 speakers.

Also known as the 2.0 Touch Speaker System, these units have a touchpanel screen to control functions like volume, bass and treble. The company says it combines “fun with great sound.” While the sound probably wouldn’t rival your home theater, we’ll assume it’s worth the $99 price tag. However, does front-panel pushing qualify as “fun?”

The unit promises 30-watt sound, with an adjustable light on the slide bar, which illuminates when you touch the controls. I guess that’s kind of fun.

The 2.0 Touch Speaker System is compact enough to be paired with a laptop or other small device. It’s not going to blow the hair off your head, but it’s got a slick looking black-onyx cabinet and would be nice enough for some on-the-go gaming. The units are available now at places like New,, Mac Mall, Tiger Direct, for $99.

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