Gefen Pumps Up Computer Audio with Compact Pro Package

The setup includes an amp, a pair of GefenTV Speakers and the GefenTV USB to Audio Decoder.

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People are packing computers with a lot of audio these days. A lot of music fans have a lifetime’s worth of music stashed on a compact hard drive. That’s awesome, but compressing those files into digital form probably isn’t the way the artist intended to have you listen.

Gefen is hoping to pump up the sound of your PC music, via its new Compact Pro Audio Package. The setup promises to take all of that audio from your desktop and/or laptop and scale it up to a 192K sampling rate.

The package includes an integrated amplifier that can down-mix multi-channel digital audio to 2.1 channels, as well as a pair of GefenTV Speakers and the new GefenTV USB to Audio Decoder. That amp also has Gefen’s Volume Stabilizer circuit built in, so it can even out the volume between different sources and content.

To hook everything up, just connect your computer’s USB port to the USB to Audio Decoder. Then, connect the USB to Audio Decoder to the GefenTV 2.1 Audio Amplifier w/Volume Stabilizer, which supports TOSlink, S/PDIF and L/R. L/R analog audio promises 50 watts per channel to the GefenTV speakers, with the digital audio input capable of down-mixing to 2.1 channels. A powered subwoofer can also be added to the RCA output.

“With this package, you have everything you need to create audiophile sound quality when using digital audio from a computer or laptop,” says Randy Wilson, Gefen’s director of marketing. “From the input through to the speakers, high fidelity sound is delivered with complete integrity. You can’t tell the difference between the music coming from your computer compared to the original CD.”

The Gefen Compact Pro Audio Package is available via authorized Gefen resellers for $999.

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