Gefen Boosts USB Sound with New Amplifier


Gefen's new USB Audio Amplifier promises big sound from any laptop or desktop computer.

Jan. 03, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A lot of people use alternate methods to watch movies and TV, as well as listen to music. That means everything but the standard home theater setup. However, most people probably don’t get to experience the same quality that they’d get from that larger system. Gefen is hoping to add a little audio oomph to that smaller experience, with the company’s new USB Audio Amplifier.

The USB Audio Amplifier is a compact attachment designed to output high-quality sound from any laptop or desktop computer. However, since it hooks up via USB, we’re guessing it would just as easily work with any portable.

Despite the device’s compact size, it can deliver 25 per watts per channel of amplification, in the standard two-channel, left/right format. In other words, it won’t exactly shake the room, but it should shake up a not-to-stellar computer experience

The USB Audio Amplifier has left and right binding posts, so you can connect it directly to a pair of speakers. There’s also an RCA connection, in case you want to add a subwoofer into the mix.

“Anyone wanting a bigger, more dynamic range of sound from their computer audio will appreciate the plug and play simplicity and nice sound quality of this device,” said Hagai Gefen, Gefen’s president and CEO.

Right now, there’s no word on pricing or availability for the USB Audio Amplifier. However, Gefen is gearing it towards everyone from dorm dwellers to office worker to anyone else that wants strong sound from a computer-based audio source.

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