Geek Squad: Let Us ‘Sync’ Your 3D Glasses


Do you really need to sync the Blu-ray player through the USB port on the 3D glasses?

Mar. 23, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Best Buy’s offer of 3D synchronization service is “bogus,” according to HD Guru Gary Merson.

He notes that the new Samsung 3D TV package is now offered with Geek Squad installation ($150 value) that includes TV and Blu-ray player set-up, and connection to a wireless network.

But for that low-low price, the geeks will also “sync your 3D glasses for an amazing experience.”

As Merson notes: “The offer’s only problem is that there is no such thing as syncing 3D glasses. They sync automatically.”

So he called three Best Buy stores and talked to employees that said they were trained on 3D TV installation.

Here’s what they had to say about syncing the 3D glasses:

Blue shirt one said the glasses need to be synced with the Blu-ray player. The second geek referred to the 3D glasses needing to sync to the player via the USB port within the glasses, an impossible feat as there is no USB port on the glasses. The third stated the need to acquire the glasses’ IP address to sync with the Blu-ray player. There is no IP address for 3D glasses; they have no connectivity to the Internet or network. The Samsung battery powered glasses “sync” to the 3D content wirelessly via an infra-red pulse emitted by the TV.

Via: HD Guru

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