Gazaro Tracks Prices of A/V Gear, Gadgets


New web site tracks prices letting you know if advertised "deal" is really a deal.

Mar. 23, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Just because a retailer throws around lingo like “rock bottom prices” or “lowest prices around,” that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bargain. Shocking, huh?

But a web site like tracks prices so you can see what retailers charged for consumer electronics items over a period of time.

We checked the pricing on a Pioneer Elite KURO 60-inch Plasma TV. Abe’s of Maine has marked the price down $500 ($4,748 to $4,249).

A quick look at the “Price Trending” feature on Gazaro reveals Abe’s pricing on the TV over the past 30 days:

  • $4829 on Feb. 19
  • $4489 on Mar. 10
  • $4249 on Mar. 21

Gazaro also lists other retailers (the Consumerist reports a database of 14 stores including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Newegg) that are selling the item. In our case, ABT Electronics ($5,499) and Best Buy ($6,499) have prices much higher than Abe’s.

The one thing Gazaro doesn’t currently provide - product reviews. So you need to do your own research.

Via: Gizmodo, Consumerist

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