Gavio Speaker Dock Looks Like a Toaster


Gavio's Toast aims to serve up iOS sound in a unique package.

Dec. 16, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We’ve seen some pretty awesome combo products in the past. The speaker that doubles as a light has been especially popular. Could the docking station/toaster be the next combo to take the electronics world by storm?

Gavio certainly hopes so. The company just announced the Toast docking station. Now, before you get too giddy, this speaker dock doesn’t really make toast. It’s just a little conversation piece to get your friends talking about how completely awesome that option would actually be.

So this Toast is not just for breakfast anymore. It works anytime you dock your iPhone or iPod into this appliance-inspired speaker system, offering a little tech treat whenever you need it.

Gavio lists the Toast as having 50mm speaker drivers, 3 watts of total RMS power, and a frequency response of 150Hz to 18KHz. So it’s not going to wake the neighbors, but it does provide a nice conversation piece—and probably matches most kitchens.

For now, Toast is listed as a pre-order item, but there’s no actual information on how you can do that. Expect to hear more info in a few weeks, when the company presents Toast at January’s Consumer Electronics Show.

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