Fusion Adds Boxee to Media Servers


Fusion media servers with Boxee.

Fusion Research adds Boxee to media servers, combining Boxee's multiple apps with the user's own DVD and CD collection.

Sep. 22, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Fusion Research offers some of the more affordable multiroom media servers for the custom integration channel. And now the company adds streaming media to the line, most notably Boxee.

We’re looking at all of the specialty multiroom movie servers in the custom channel, and few of them implement Boxee in a unified interface.

Crestron’s ADMS has it; Windows Media Center machines from S1Digital and Vidabox certainly allow it, although the WMC implementation is pretty kludgy; Request, one of the first to bring streaming media to dedicated content management systems, doesn’t seem to have Boxee yet.

Fusion integrates the many Boxee services into a content management system that already includes the user’s own DVDs, CDs and downloaded movies and music, “creating a single entertainment solution for both storage and streaming digital media,” according to the company.

All of the content is available via a TV interface or through third-party control systems such as Control4.

“Utilizing the Boxee application has been a main goal of ours,” says Fusion president Joseph Storm. “While other media servers offer single applications with limited functionality, the Boxee service currently includes 200 applications and a further 200 TV shows and we believe they will continue to be a leading provider of streaming content for a very long time.”

The service will be included on future Fusion media servers at no charge. Fusion’s multiroom media systems start at $2,995.

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