Freedom Driver Turns Tables into Speakers


Each of the three Freedom Driver products should be shipping in the next few weeks.

Based on the powers of Sound Wave Transference, this series of gadgets can turn your tables, windows and drywall into audio.

Oct. 14, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Freedom Driver is the latest in a line of devices that can turn any flat surface into an audio speaker. It’s not magic—at least not in a Doug Henning sort of way.

The company just announced that its Mini CAN B15, Mini BOX B20, and Bluetooth Stereo FREE-D B25 will provide support for iPods, MP3 players and laptops, meaning that anyone can have the privilege of producing sound even when speakers and wiring are not available.

Although just a mere 1.1 pounds, the unit boasts 360 degrees of sound. Is that humanly possible? The company says so, with technology based on the principal of Sound Wave Transference. Acting as a transducer, the Freedom Driver unit changes electrical energy into mechanical energy. It even comes with a remote to control volume, treble and bass.

Even if it’s a gimmick, if the thing can throw sounds and fool your friends, it might be worth the price tag. Systems range from $129 to $259 and are scheduled to ship within the next few weeks.

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