Fox & Apple Introduce iTunes Digital Copy


The first DVD to include an iTunes Digital Copy is a special edition of Fox’s “Family Guy.”

Next time you purchase a Fox DVD, there will be a nice digital surprise inside.

Jan. 15, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you fork over the cash to buy a DVD, why shouldn’t you be allowed to take it on the go? Fox and Apple are thinking the same thing. That’s why the two have partnered for iTunes Digital Copy, which will provide DVD buyers with an additional digital copy of purchased movies.

Buy one of these DVDs, put it in your computer, enter a code, and you’ll score a digital copy. The digital version can be played on a Mac or PC, as well as the video iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. Don’t expect to share with friends; each DVD can only be copied to one iTunes library.

The first DVD to include an iTunes Digital Copy will be Fox’s Special Edition of “Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest,” the animated hit’s take on “Star Wars.”

Fox previously added a digital copy to its “Live Free or Die Hard” special edition DVD release; it was compatible with Microsoft Windows’ PlaysForSure.

“Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest” is available now in stores. Other DVDs with iTunes Digital Copy are coming this year.

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